The way of taking photographs have witnessed a huge change as there has been technological advancement that has led to innovations and it has given rise to drone photography that has gained enough popularity due to its newest technique. Michigan Aerial photography has been around for a longer period of time that allows you to take photos from airborne platforms like helicopter, aircraft, blimps, kite or any unmanned aerial vehicle. On the other hand Michigan drone photography involves taking photographs with the help of drones that facilitates clearer image and it helps you to take pictures of even inaccessible areas easily.

The key difference between aerial photography and drone photography is that aerial photography helps in capturing oblique and vertical photographs that are generally used for illustration and visualization purposes but measurements are nor accurate because of distortions. On the other hand drone photography is the newest and imaginative way of viewing the world as it produces the highest quality of photos and videos that helps you to view the world in a clearer manner. Drone photography is a branch of aerial photography but it offers a more clearer and precise photographs that can be used for some most important purposes while aerial photography has lesser clarity and resolution as it is used for specific purposes.

Drone photography is known to produce high quality images that are easy to understand so that you will not have to undertake special analysis as you will get images of great quality from a height that is permissible by law. The selection of photography that you want will depend on the kind of pictures that you want, how high you want the pictures you want to be taken and the price you will pay for the photographs so that you will get the kind of results that you are looking for.

Difference between Michigan drone photography & Michigan aerial photography